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Foundation Class Home Learning

We have all been very busy with our learning at home and doing lots of fantastic activities.

Week Twelve

Week Eleven

Work set for Week Thirteen (6/7/20)

 1. Week 13 overview - Mr Gumpy by John Burningham.docxDownload
 2. Literacy planning - Mr Gumpy's outing.pdfDownload
 2b. Literacy. Animals-and-their-young-cutting-skills-activity.pdfDownload
 2b. Literacy. Mother and baby animals pairs.pdfDownload
 2b. Mothers-and-their-young-farm-animals-matching-activity.pdfDownload
 2c. Literacy. Match the sentences to the boat pictures.pdfDownload
 3. Phonics screenshot 'ure' and 'ture'.pdfDownload
 3a. Phonics worksheet 'ure' and 'ture'.pdfDownload
 3b. Phonics provision 'ure' and 'ture'.pdfDownload
 3c. -phonics-picture-activity-sheets.pdfDownload
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Work set for Week Twelve (29/6/20)

 1. Week 12 overview - Splash, Anna Hibiscus by Atinuke and Lauren Tobia.pdfDownload
 2. Literacy planning - Spalsh, Anna Hibiscus.pdfDownload
 2b. Literacy activities.pdfDownload
 2c. Literacy Seaside-Acrostic-Poem-Template.pdfDownload
 3. Phonics 'ue' as in rescue, and 'ue' as in glue.pdfDownload
 3b. phonics provision 'ue' - rescue argue.pdfDownload
 3b. Phonics worksheet 'ue' as in rescue.pdfDownload
 3c. Phonics provision - 'ue' - glue clue.pdfDownload
 3c. Phonincs worksheet 'ue' as in glue.pdfDownload
 3d. Phonics phase-3-captions-and-pictures-matching-cards.pdfDownload
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Work set for Week Eleven (22/6/20)

 1. Week 11 overview - 'All wet'.pdfDownload
 2. All Wet by Tony Johnson.pdfDownload
 2a. Literacy planning - All wet.pdfDownload
 2b. Lit activities.pdfDownload
 3. Phonics screenshot 'er' as in builder and 'er' as in herbs.pdfDownload
 3b. Phonics worksheet 'er' as in builder.pdfDownload
 3b. Phonincs worksheet 'er' as in herbs.pdfDownload
 3c. Phonics provision er as in germ fern.pdfDownload
 3c. Phonics provision er as in farmer builder.pdfDownload
 4. Action words revise sets 1-3 - Matching game.pdfDownload
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Work set for Week Ten (15/6/20)

 1. Week 9 and 10 overview - Billy's bucket (Recovered).pdfDownload
 2a. Literacy activities Billy's bucket continued.pdfDownload
 2b. literacy resources - Billy's bucket continued.pdfDownload
 2c. -under-the-sea-early-writing-activities_.pdfDownload
 3. Phonics - 'air'.pdfDownload
 3b. phonincs worksheet 'air'.pdfDownload
 3c. phonics provision 'air' - chair airship.pdfDownload
 3d. phonics -Phase-3-Grapheme-Bingo_ver_4.pdfDownload
 4a. Action words - Spellings set 1.9.pdfDownload
 4b. Action word - Phrases 1.9.pdfDownload
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Work set for Week Nine (8/6/20)

 1. Week 9 and 10 overview - Billy's bucket (Recovered).pdfDownload
 2a. Literacy activities.pdfDownload
 2b. literacy resources.pdfDownload
 3. Phonics screenshot - 'ear'.pdfDownload
 3b. phonics 'ear' worksheet.pdfDownload
 3c. phonics provision 'ear' .pdfDownload
 3d. -phase-3-phonics-picture-activity-sheets-english_ver_2.pdfDownload
 4. Action words - Spellings set 1.8.pdfDownload
 4a. Action word - Phrases set 1.8.pdfDownload
 5. Maths capacity challenges.pdfDownload
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Work set for Week Eight (1/6/ 2020).

 1. Half termly topic plan - Water.pdfDownload
 1. Week 8 overview - 'Voices of water' by Tony Mitton.pdfDownload
 1a. Voices of water by tony Mitton.pdfDownload
 2. Literacy planning.pdfDownload
 2b. Literacy Activities.pdfDownload
 2c. -Water-Acrostic-Poem.pdfDownload
 2c. Rain-Acrostic-Poem-Template.pdfDownload
 3. screenshot 'oi' .pdfDownload
 3a. phonics 'oi' worksheet.pdfDownload
 3b phonics 'oi' provision.pdfDownload
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Welcome to Class R’s page.

Class R’s staff team is Mrs Drewery and Mrs Cale. We are available for ‘a quick chat’ every morning and home time.

Messy play in Class R  - children are likely to get wet, painty, sticky, grubby, tired and dishevelled but this is a natural part of their learning journey.

Wednesday is a busy day. Class R do ‘Write dance’ and visit the ICT suite in small groups. We also get the bikes and scooters out for ‘wheels on Wednesday’.

Thursday is ‘book day’.

Reading records, reading books and library books are returned to school. Class R children visit the school library every Thursday morning to choose 2 new library books and new reading books are given out at the end of the day. Parents, grandparents and carers are welcome to come to school at 3pm on Thursdays to share books with their child in the school library.

Friday is ‘PE day’. Please leave your child’s PE kit in school for the whole half term and just take it home in the holidays for a freshen up.

Floppy phonics and Action words – Class R enjoy daily phonics lessons and action words input. 

Maths – Class R get busy straight away with a maths ‘morning starter’ on the carpet just before registration.  Focused maths teaching takes place in the afternoons.

Provision – Class R children get lots of time to explore the provision in the classroom and learn independently.  Provision areas are constant and are enhanced to reflect our topic.

Outdoor play – provision outside reflects what is happening in the classroom and is topic related. There are opportunities for children to choose which equipment they would like out of the outdoor store. Focused teaching also takes place outside. 

This term our topic is ‘Hot and Cold places’. We will be learning about the Polar Regions and Africa.


Spring Term 2020 Curriculum Map

 Spring 1 hot and cold places.docxDownload
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