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Please share your photographs and learning.  We love to celebrate your achievements.

Week Twelve

Week Eleven


Class Two Home Learning

Whilst the school is closed we will do our best to upload the curriculum information by the end of day on Friday.  If you have any queries about the work set or would like to share what your child has done then please email the class teacher.  We are here to support you. Thank you.

Week set for Week Thirteen (6/7/20)

 Animals comprehension fact sheet 6 July.pdfDownload
 Art David Hockney water work 6 July.docDownload
 Art work david-hockney-water 6 July.pptDownload
 Blue whale fun facts 6 July.docDownload
 Blue whale true or false 6 July.pptDownload
 Blue-whale-fact-sheet 6 July.pdfDownload
 DT Activity Sheet The Billy Goats Gruff Cards 6 July.docDownload
 DT Activity-My-Moving-Picture-Evaluation 6 July.docDownload
 DT Lesson 6 Making a moving book 6 July.pptDownload
 Grace Darling Comprehension Task 6 July.docDownload
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Work set for Week Twelve (29/6/20)

 Art work fishing boat mobile 29 June.docDownload
 DT Activity Sheet Designing a Moving Picture 29 June.docDownload
 DT Lesson 5 Designing 29 June.pptDownload
 Grace Darling word mat 29 June.pdfDownload
 Grace-Darling-Writing Frames 29 June.pdfDownload
 History BBC programmes Grace Darling 29 June.docDownload
 History Grace Darling Sequencing Cards 29 June.pdfDownload
 History Grace-Darling-Information-PowerPoint 29 June.pptDownload
 History Grace-Darling-Significant-Individual-Writing 29 June.pdfDownload
 Literacy Work 29 June.docDownload
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Work set for Week Eleven (22/6/20)

 White rose maths alternative Lesson 1 - 22 June.pdfDownload
 White rose maths alternative lesson 1 answers 22 June.pdfDownload
 White rose maths alternative lesson 2 22 June.pdfDownload
 White rose maths alternative lesson 2 answers 22 June.pdfDownload
 White rose maths alternative lesson 3 22 June.pdfDownload
 White rose maths alternative lesson 3 answers 22 June.pdfDownload
 White rose maths alternative video links 22 June.pdfDownload
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 Art work egg box whale 22 June.docDownload
 Art work finger print whale 22 June.docDownload
 DT Activity Sheet Little Red Riding Hood Wheel 22 June.pdfDownload
 DT Lesson 4 making wheels 22 June.pptDownload
 History BBC Magic grandad programme ongoing.docDownload
 History Seaside holidays 22 June.pdfDownload
 History Seaside holidays activities 22 June.pdfDownload
 Literacy Book-Review 22 June.pdfDownload
 Literacy Work 22 June.docDownload
 Maths Addition-and-Subtraction-Word-Problems 22 June.pdfDownload
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Work set for Week Ten (15/6/20)

 Art Split-Pin-Punch-And-Judy-Characters 15 June.pdfDownload
 DT Activity Sheet Jack and the Beanstalk Levers 15 June.pdfDownload
 DT Lesson 3 making levers 15 June.pptDownload
 Geography Seasides in the UK 15 June.pdfDownload
 History Seasides Past and Present 15 June.pptDownload
 History BBC Magic grandad programme ongoing.docDownload
 History Now and Then Seaside Sorting 15 June.pdfDownload
 Literacy Work 15 June.docDownload
 Maths arithmetic paper 6 15 June.pdfDownload
 Maths lines of symmetry in shapes 15 June.pdfDownload
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Work set for Week Nine (8/6/20)

 DT Activity Sheet Gingerbread Man Slider 8 June.pdfDownload
 DT Lesson 2 making sliders 8 June.pptDownload
 History BBC Magic grandad programme ongoing.docDownload
 History clothing-in-the-1900s 8 June.pptDownload
 History comparing-the-seaside-past-and-present-sorting-activity 8 June.pdfDownload
 History Victorian Clothing drawing activity 8 June.docDownload
 Katie Morag Isle of coll information 8 June.pptDownload
 Literacy Work 8 June.docDownload
 Maths KS1-Arithmetic Test 5 8 June.pdfDownload
 Maths-wk-com 8 June.docDownload
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Welcome to Class 2

In Class 2, the children will be working with me (Miss Felton) and Mrs Walmsley our Teaching Assistant. Our priorities are for your child to feel happy, safe and secure in order to help them make the most of their learning. 

Please help us to develop your child’s independence, by allowing them to come into the cloakroom on their own each morning and get themselves organised. 

To help your child, it is really important that you hear them read at least three times a week at home and support them in learning their spellings each week too. Children bring books in to change on a Monday, but ‘free-choice’ books can be changed anytime during the week.

Our PE sessions for this half term will be on a Tuesday and Thursday, so please make sure your child has their PE kit with them on these days.

We are starting to learn times tables now in Class 2, so you could support this at home by counting in 2, 3, 5, and 10’s and by beginning to ask times tables questions within these. Don’t forget to use Purple Mash as an aid to support your child across the curriculum at home.

Our topics for the coming term are ‘The Antarctic’ and Penguins and then after half term, it will be Plants and Animals with a focus on the school grounds.

We have been using natural materials to create works of art.

We have been finding Micro Habitats.

We loved sharing our favourite books and dressing up for World Book Day.

Class 2 enjoying BBC 10 pieces week, using the music Rodeo Hoe-Down


 We have been creating 2D shapes using lollipop sticks.


We are enjoying using the apparatus in our gymnastics lessons with Team Active.

Spring 2020 Curriculum Map

 Class 2 SPRING TERM OVERVIEW.docDownload
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