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Class One Home Learning

Please share your home learning with us.  We love to see all the exciting things you have been doing.

Week Seven

Week Six

Work set for Week Eight (1/6/20)

 ART egg box crafts.pptxDownload
 HANDWRITING cursive letters ilt.pdfDownload
 HANDWRITING cursive letters jy.pdfDownload
 HANDWRITING LETTER FAMILYlong ladder letters.pdfDownload
 LITERACY Spelling and grammar 4.docDownload
 LITERACY Spelling and grammar 5.docDownload
 LITERACY Spelling and grammar 6.docDownload
 LITERACY the-gingerbread-man reading-comprehension-activity.pdfDownload
 MATHS Y1-Lesson-1-Answers-Find-and-make-number-bonds-2019.pdfDownload
 MATHS Y1-Lesson-1-Find-and-make-number-bonds-2019.pdfDownload
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Work set for Week 7 (18/5/20)

 COMPUTING PURPLE MASH TEACHER GUIDE Unit 1.5 - Maze Explorers.pdfDownload
 LITERACY Spelling and grammar 1.docDownload
 LITERACY Spelling and grammar 2.docDownload
 LITERACY Spelling and grammar 3.docDownload
 LITERACY the zoo vet reading comprehension.pdfDownload
 MATHS Lesson-1-Y1-Summer-Block-2-ANS2-Find-a-half-2-2020.pdfDownload
 MATHS Lesson-1-Y1-Summer-Block-2-WO2-Find-a-half-2-2020.pdfDownload
 MATHS Lesson-2-Y1-Summer-Block-2-ANS3-Find-a-quarter-1-2020.pdfDownload
 MATHS Lesson-2-Y1-Summer-Block-2-WO3-Find-a-quarter-1-2020.pdfDownload
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Work set for Week 6 (11/05/20)

 ART Butterfly artwork.pptxDownload
 Garden bird spotter.pdfDownload
 LITERACY EDSHED LINK to Book of Butterflies - Lesson Planning.docxDownload
 LITERACY EDSHED Book of Butterflies - Teaching Resources.pdfDownload
 LITERACY EDSHED Book of Butterflies - Unit Overview.docxDownload
 MATHS Lesson-1-Y1-Summer-Block-1-ANS5-Make-doubles-2020.pdfDownload
 MATHS Lesson-1-Y1-Summer-Block-1-WO5-Make-doubles-2020.pdfDownload
 MATHS Lesson-2-Y1-Summer-Block-1-ANS6-Make-equal-groups-grouping-2020.pdfDownload
 MATHS Lesson-2-Y1-Summer-Block-1-WO6-Make-equal-groups-grouping-2020.pdfDownload
 MATHS Lesson-3-Y1-Summer-Block-1-ANS7-Make-equal-groups-sharing-2020.pdfDownload
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Work set for Week Five (4/5/20)

 ART Can you design a Mondrian picture.pptDownload
 HISTORYToys FULL Schemeofwork.docxDownload
 LITERACY Garden Diary Stage 1 Comp - Comprehension Pack.pdfDownload
 LITERACY How to grow a plant Stage 1 Comp - Comprehension Pack.pdfDownload
 LITERACY Parts of a plant Stage 1 Comp - Comprehension Pack.pdfDownload
 MATHS Lesson-1-Y1-Spring-Block-4-WO6-Compare-capacity-2019.pdfDownload
 MATHS Lesson-2-Y1-Summer-Block-1-WO1-Count-in-10s-2020.pdfDownload
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In Class 1 the children will be working with me (Mrs Simon) and Miss Turner our Teaching Assistant.  Our priorities are for your child to feel happy, safe and secure in order to help them make the most of their learning.

Each morning a member of staff will be available at the cloakroom entrance to greet the children – if you need to speak to us about anything urgently, please do let us know or if you need a longer appointment we can arrange to see you at the end of the school day.    Please help us to encourage your child’s independence, by allowing them to come into the cloakroom on their own each morning.  It really does help the children get settled into a routine more quickly and ensures the children can begin their morning session on time.

Please see our curriculum sheet for the topics and phonics we will be covering this term.

Our PE sessions are on a Monday and Thursday – please ensure that your child has their kit on these days and that earrings are removed or taped.

New reading books will be sent home each Friday – please could you aim to hear your child read 3 x weekly and sign and date their reading record to help us monitor the frequency of home reading. (The children are welcome to change their ‘free choice’ or library books whenever they wish.)

Spellings will be sent out on Fridays and tested the following Friday.

We enjoyed sharing our favourite stories and dressing up for World Book Day.

We enjoyed designing and making our reindeer to sell at the Christmas Fair. We are really proud of the results.

Curriculum Map Spring 2020

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