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Class Four Home Learning


Please share your amazing achievements, we love to see all the fantastic activities you have been doing at home.

Week Six

Work set for Week Eight (1/6/20)

 Comprehension Female Mountaineers Stage 4 Comp - Comprehension Pack.pdfDownload
 Comprehension Making A Mountain Stage 4 Comp - Comprehension Pack.pdfDownload
 Comprehension Strange Predators Stage 3 Comp - Comprehension Pack.pdfDownload
 Comprehension There Was An Old Lady Stage 3 comp - Comprehension.pdfDownload
 Geography Why are sea turtles endangered and what is the Florida Turtle Conservation Society doing to protect them.docxDownload
 Handwriting Practice - Continuous Cursive Left.pdfDownload
 Handwriting Practice - Continuous Cursive.pdfDownload
 Handwriting Practice - Cursive Left.pdfDownload
 Handwriting Practice - Cursive.pdfDownload
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Work set for Week Seven (18/5/20)

 Art The Magic Kingdom.docxDownload
 Comprehension An Ambush Stage 3 Comp - VIPERS comprehension.pdfDownload
 Comprehension Heracles Stage 4 Comp - Comprehension Pack.pdfDownload
 Comprehension Icarus Stage 4 Comp - Comprehension Pack.pdfDownload
 Comprehension Meeting Little John Stage 3 Comp - VIPERS comprehension.pdfDownload
 Geography The Everglades.docxDownload
 Hello Class 4.docxDownload
 History Why is Alfred the only King or Queen of England to have.docxDownload
 Literacy grammar apostrophe.docxDownload
 Literacy Grammar Printables Y4a - Plural and Possessive -s.pdfDownload
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Work set for Week Six (11/4/20)

 Geography How and why is the climate of the Sunshine State different from where I live.docxDownload
 History The terror of June 8 793 in Britain..docxDownload
 History Viking horned helmets.docxDownload
 Maths Times-tables champion info complete set.docDownload
 PE Activity Plan.pdfDownload
 Reading Digestion Stage 4 Comp - Comprehension Pack.pdfDownload
 Reading Lightning Stage 3 Comp - Lightning Comprehension Pack.pdfDownload
 Reading The Wave Stage 3 Comp - The Wave Comprehension Pack.pdfDownload
 Reading Your Brain and You Stage 4 Comp - Comprehension Pack.pdfDownload
 Science Animal Ears.pdfDownload
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Work set for Week Five (4/5/20)

 Art Project.docxDownload
 ARTCanal Art.docxDownload
 GEOGRAPHY Why is the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida.docxDownload
 HIST Vikings Knowledge Mat.PNGDownload
 HIST What were the two treasures that most Viking Norsemen wanted from Britain.docxDownload
 HIST Why was the design of their longships so important to the Vikings.docxDownload
 ICT 2Logo.pdfDownload
 LITERACY Bodily Bits N Bobs Stage 4 Comp - Comprehension Pack.pdfDownload
 LITERACY Journey to the Centre of Your Body Stage 4 Comp - Comprehension Pack.pdfDownload
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Welcome to Year 4’s page.

Class 4 will be taught by Mr Simon, with Mrs Simmonds supporting the teacher.

 This term our key topic is The Anglo- Saxons. If children can research this subject at home, I am sure they will find many interesting facts. Further areas of study are highlighted on the Y4 Topic Sheet on our website.

 Our PE days are Wednesday and Friday. Bringing PE kits in on Wednesday morning and leaving them in school for the Friday lesson, will ensure children will always be prepared for the lesson.

Swimming will commence next half term on a Wednesday afternoon. Detail have been sent home regarding kit and transport arrangements.

Ukulele lessons take place on Monday afternoon, and the children are encouraged to take their instruments home to practise.

Spellings are sent home weekly for their regular spelling test.

We encourage the children to read a broad range of books, newspaper and magazines to develop their own love of reading. We have books in the library as well as in the classroom and they children can pick their own books. Some children will read a specific book chosen by the Teacher/TA. The pupils have a reading record in order to log their reading activity.

 Please feel free to come into class if you have any queries.

World Book Day

We all enjoyed sharing our favourite books and dressing up.


Class 4 have been using mono printing techniques in art. We have been looking at the work of Matisse including his printing and collage pieces.


We have been using thermometers and experimenting with temperature in our Science lessons.


 Stagecoach Theatre Company paid a visit to school to teach our children dance and drama skills. The children thoroughly enjoyed their time with the group.

Y4 Family History

These boys have been researching their family history. The children shared the information and artefacts they had found with the class. We heard some fascinating stories about the experiences of their relations.

Spring 2020 Curriculum Map

 term 2 topic sheet Y4.docDownload
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